Sights to see in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the most popular countries in Southeast Asia and is a well-known tourist destination. You can find amazing locations here that will make your trip memorable. So, take a look at the best sights to see in the Philippines.

Cordilleras Mountains

If you are willing to enjoy the beauty of mountains and rice terraces then Cordilleras in the Philippines is the best place for you to visit. These mountains kept the Spanish colonizers away from here, thereby allowing the Cordilleras Ifugao to keep their inimitable culture alive. There are not many beaches here for which this country is popular but it has many UNESCO World Heritage sites that offer you hiking trails alongside the cliff and the mountainsides.


If you want to enjoy surfing then do not miss visiting Siargao. It was “discovered” in the 1970s, and until then it was a “secret” known only to locals.  and surfers till very recently. Known as Cloud 9, this surfing spot has a reputation of being ferocious and the powerful waves can offer you thrill which you cannot expect anywhere else.


Considered to be “world’s best island”, Palawan is one of the most popular sights to see in the Philippines and runs southwest to the northeast of the archipelago’s western flank. You can find near this many mountain cliffs which are best suited for adventurous hiking and you can also fly or drive to another town nearby El Nido.


For those who want to enjoy nightlife and take a look at the culture of the Philippines then Metro Manila is the best place for you to visit. In the old walled city of Manila, especially Fort Santiago, the presence of Spanish life can be felt. Around Rizal Park that includes the Beaux-arts government buildings, the American inspired culture presence is visible.  You can visit Bonifacio Global City malls and museums, Binondo and Makati.


Popular for subtly erotic “Chocolate Hills”, Bohol is a sleepy island of which has been able to attract tourists even after a massive earthquake. The presence of karst limestone gives Bohol the Chocolate Hills and you can find nearby Panglao pristine white-sand beaches as well. Also, do not forget to visit the ancient Baclayon Church, as it is one of the most popular and ancient earthquake surviving churches. You can also enjoy the resorts available in the Panglao islands and spend some quality time in tranquility.


Traveling offers you a lifetime experience and so you must try to spend your holidays by visiting the Philippines. The sights to see in the Philippines which are mentioned above are just a few important ones. In reality, you can find many more exciting places that will make your trip delightful.